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EU Centre of Excellence for Materials Simulation

Almost every aspect of modern life involves materials and benefits from advances in materials modelling. Mobile phones, aircraft, power stations, fuels, medications, and much else that we now take for granted, all rely on materials. In addition, many processes in the natural world, ranging from the growth of ice in the upper atmosphere all the way to diseases caused by protein mis-folding also involve the properties of materials. Many of today's challenges, such as climate change, energy production and healthcare, demand powerful methods for probing the properties of a vast range of materials. Predictive modelling has now become a powerful tool which can also deliver real value through application and innovation to the nano, chemical and process industries. It forms an essential part of the research and development effort of many of the world’s leading organisations and can be incredibly valuable for businesses. Simulation methods can be routinely used across industry to accelerate product development, increase efficiency, and provide fundamental understanding. 

MaX will bring the most advanced capabilities of modern simulation codes under a single platform, open and extensible, capable of scaling from the very small environment of a single PC to the largest High Performance Computing centers.

Disseminating knowledge

Max is designed from the start to help companies and researchers to learn and use the technologies that are developed under the Excellence centre umbrella. Training, online courses: everything open and at your disposal..

Designed for SMEs 

Max is launching a full set of actions that are designed to facilitate and encourage the adoption of MaX technologies in companies of all sizes, including SMEs. From dedicated training to mentoring and custom development, small and medium companies can even test their models locally and have them executed in the large in one of the MaX data centers.

Open by design

MaX has been designed from the start to be open - open in the platform design, open source in all its code and results. The MaX centre can also help companies in integrating MaX within their own products and services..

Many domains

The MaX platform can be used in a wide range of domains, like biopharma, food and beverage, construction, automotive... In every sector where materials are important, MaX can make a difference.

MaX has been created to bring the power of simulation and modelling to the creation and optimization of new materials. We are at your disposal to find and explore how to work together to bring this power to any company.

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