The MaX center

Accelerating innovation in Materials Modelling

Stefano Massarotti

Materials are crucial to scientific and technological change and industrial competitiveness, as well as to tackle key societal challenges – from energy and environment, to health care, information and communications, industrial processes and manufacturing and safety and transportation.
The increasingly high accuracy and predictive power of computer simulations combined with the increasingly higher levels of computing power and large amounts of storage capacity of High-Performance Computing (HPC) technologies, nowadays enables a paradigm shift in material design and discovery, in which every increasingly complex material behaviour will be addressed by easily accessible, interdisciplinary, easy-to-use computational experiments.

Over the next decade HPC systems are expected to be capable of one exaflop (1018 operations per second) and to manage and analyse data sets up to one exabyte (1018 bytes).

We call this the exascale transition.

Imagine a future in which computer simulations are at least 1000x faster and more workable: new materials, new ideas, new applications will be pushed ahead by an ever-increasing number of scientists, designers and entrepreneurs.
MaX will foster this revolution by accelerating scientific advances and empowering industrial and societal impacts.