NodeWeaver Appliance Series

all you need is in these boxes

5 minutes setup

snap them in your rack, power on,
set a couple of parameters and reboot:
It's that easy.

totally autonomic

NW Appliances take care of balancing your loads, 
replicate your data, cache your hot zones, 
monitor and self-heal your cluster.

defend your (up)time

NW Appliances reduce complexity,
deliver performance, increase availability:
you are free to focus on your business.

Scale out and keep it simple

It's common to grow, we wish it for your business.

But it's not so easy to grow your IT to meet your needs without messing things up, introducing headhache-bearing complexity and waste a lot of money.

NodeWeaver Appliances are designed to start from small clusters of two nodes to serve the micro business and grow to large clusters without introducing any complexity just delivering higher performance and increasing reliability.

Odoo text and image block

choose your spice

from freezing cold storage areas keeping your data safe for years
to smoking hot pure SSD zones for your toughest databases and applications

make your choice:


Xeon E3 1230v5
32 GB DDR4
2x240 GB SSD
4x1Gb Ethernet


ice cube
Xeon E3 1230v5
32 GB DDR4

4x1Gb Ethernet


Xeon D 1540
64 GB DDR4
2x480 GB SSD
2x10Gb + 2x1Gb Ethernet


Xeon D 1540
128 GB DDR4
4x960GB SSD

2x10Gb + 2x1Gb Ethernet

highly efficient

Great Watt to VM performance ratio.
Lower consumption compared to traditional platforms.
NW Appliances are designed to deliver compute goodness, not heat in your datacenter.

small form factor

We know that in datacenters the space is limited, sometimes branch offices don't even have a real server rack. We fitted all our appliances in a short depth chassis without reducing node capabilities.

exceptional price/performance

Compared to other virtualization and HCI solutions, NodeWeaver Appliances come at 1/3 and in some cases 1/10 of the price. We focus on SMEs, their requirements and their budget. Without compromises.