turn your servers into NodeWeaver

hyperconverge 'em

meet your requirements

If you have specific constraints
If you need particular hardware for your project
NodeWeaver Software edition is for you.

refresh your IT

Whether you want to preserve your hardware investment
or you just want to move to a more flexible virtualization and storage layer, we've got your back.

recover from disasters

Don't trash your full-of-empty-slots servers.
Fill 'em with drives and recycle them in a backup cluster for your remote live DR site. You can do it.

If you want to preserve your hardware investment, you can make it join the NodeWeaver platform using our special USB key. Just boot your server with it, and it will be easily turned into an additional node, like magic.

All the features of the NodeWeaver platform on your existing server or custom hardware, ask us if your servers are suitable for conversion, or if it's worthy. Have special requirements for your infrastructure? Hyper fat VMs? Don't worry we can shape your datacenter with an affordable licensing.