Reports and white papers

Goldbeck Consulting Report:  "The Economic Impact of Materials Modelling. Indicators, Metrics and Industry Survey"

Goldbeck Consulting Report: "Industry interactions of the electronic structure research community in Europe"

E. Wimmer et al., J. Phys. Cond. Mat. 22, 384215 (2010):  "Ab initio calculations for industrial materials engineering: Successes and challenges"

European Commission, LEIT (Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies) Materials Modelling Policy:  "Materials Modelling: Where do we want to go?"

European Commission, Directorate-General for Research and Innovation: "What makes a material function? Let me compute the ways. Modellng in the FP7 NMP Programme. Materials projects".

European Materials Modelling Council: Roadmap 2016 meeting (with links to the presentations)

European Materials Modelling Council - Second Roadmap, 2016

Portals with relevant information for the Industry

Materials cloud: a portal for computational materials science developed by EPFL

Materials Modelling webpage of Goldbeck Consulting - With links to many documents and reports of interest

European Materials Modelling Council (EMMC):

Surveys and Case Studies about Materials Modelling for the Industry

EMMC - Industrial case studies
EMMC - Survey: Link to suvey

NOMAD Centre of Excellence - Industrial Interviews

EMMC - Roadmap (including results of Survey)

Portals with Materials Modelling resources (software, tools, etc):

A list of "Major codes in electronic-structure theory, quantum chemistry, and molecular-dynamics" from NOMAD:

Resources for Materials Modelling, including visualization tools, MD and DFT codes, etc. 

nanoHUB: MIT Atomic Scale Modeling Toolkit