MaX services

everything you need to start

The MaX center has been from the start deisgned to help your company in taking advantage of the potential of materials modelling. We can offer you everything you need.

The MaX project can provide a wide range of services designed to help companies of all sizes and researchers from any institution in adopting the most advanced Materials Modelling and Simulation platform. Among the services that the MaX center can offer:

  • Training
  • Specific consulting
  • Custom development and extensions of the MaX codes
  • Support for end-users
  • Integration services (to adapt the MaX platform to preexisting software systems)
The MaX experts can also help software groups in identifying and properly express a business model that is appropriate for an open source-centered activity, as well as help in project sizing and effort assessment for custom software engineering requests.
Open source licensing advice is also among the offered services.
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