Materials are everywhere.

"In 1879, after testing more that 1600 materials for the right filament, including coconut fiber, fishing line, and even hairs from a friend's beard, Edison and his workers finally figured out what to use for the filament--carbonized bamboo."

Edison had to test more than 1600 matereials to find the right one for the lightbulb's filament. And this kind of testing was necessary, up to now, because here is not a single area of human activity that is not impacted by materials and their properties. Industrial processes, pharmaceutics, computers, textiles.. Every aspect of our lives relates to the materials around us. Materials simulation is an exceptional opportunity to improve on the old, removing the need for costly and complex trials and individual experiments.

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Use Cases

MaX can be used in a wide range of application areas

From agriculture to construction, from automotive to computers MaX can be used to model materials in a wide range of uses. Let us show what the MaX platform can